Revamping and construction of metal treatment furnaces and related settings, according to AMS 2750 – CQI-9

mit.D. Srl, since many years, makes revamping of metal and non-metal treatment furnaces, according to Aerospace (AMS 2750) and Automotive (CQI-9) norms, including in its customers base the most important international Businesses in a wide range of sectors.

Thanks to the experience gained, in more than 40 years of activity in the sectors of heat treatment, automation and the industrial process control, we are able to propose and walk the customer in choosing the solution that best suits his needs; we follow the customer step by step in the complete realization of the plant, intervening at 360° for the achievement of the objective.

We offer a solution “keys in hand” in the management of all revamping activities, carrying out the entire project internally: we develop the technical specification of operations, the electrical design and the software of the new plant, part of the construction of the electrical components and the qualification of the final plant.

All of these activities are carried out by companies linked to mit.D. Srl as it holds at least the majority; we believe that this type of solution can reassure the customer about the work quality, but above all, guarantee a continuity in the staff’s professionalism.