Pyrometry activities according to AMS 2750 and CQI-9 – Calibration of instruments on site and in the internal laboratory.

mit.D. Srl provides ISO and/or ACCREDIA certifications on process’ electric units, on Sensors and temperature measuring Instruments. The experience gained over 40 years of activity, places mit.D. Srl among the oldest and most competent companies in the process certification sector.

Internally, there is a laboratory that works in accordance with the strictest standards currently in force in the Aerospace (AMS 2750-E) and Automotive (CQI-9) sectors.

Furthermore, for many years, we have been organized to manage deadlines of process instrumentation certifications, as required by ISO / AMS 2750 / CQI-9 / etc.

mit.D. Srl also proposes itself as a qualified and competent Company to carry out TUS Uniformity and SAT Accuracy tests according to the requirement of the AMS-2750 e CQI-9 standards, boasting in its customers base all the most important “Prime” in the sector.